Export to disk. An option to suspend/pause the operation

Why I d’t have opportunity to pause the operation - “Export to disk”? Only “Cancel”?

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Non-issue. If you know you have to keep working at full speed, then there’s no reason to start a processor intensive operation. If you do have to make changes, you’ll probably want to replace the full export.

Of course learning that Prime Noise export does take over your computer and does take about two minutes an image is a surprise for new users. Once a photographer knows how PhotoLab works (day three after acquisition), it’s a non-issue. It would be great if we’d all stop asking for extra buttons and busywork which do nothing to improve RAW export of workflow so that the DxO developers can focus on what’s important – better RAW processing and a more responsive interface when preparing images. It seems this forum is a conspiracy to destroy the simplicity and beauty of PhotoLab to turn it into some kind of commercial RAWtherapee Frankenstein’s monster made up of the dead body parts from the corpses of old versions of Lightroom, C1 and Luminar, On1.

Since export does take over a Mac and render it fairly unresponsive, it would be nice to have a simple preferences toggle to limit processors available to PhotoLab on export (a preference that applies across all exports unless you change it). I think this might already exist though.

Thank you for the answer.
Hmm…I have the powerful workstation with 64Gb RAM / NVIDIA Geforce 1080 and etc…For example, my today “primary” workflow - conversion of 642 pef to 8-bit tif from Pentax K-1 MII has been going for > 3 hours. The computer should work only with PhotoLab? I work “in parallel” with other programs/software - Visual Studio 2019 and etc.and sometimes I want to reallocate computer resources temporarily from PhotoLab to other tasks… so I think in this way the pause function would be useful.

I’m on an i7 Mac, and yeah - a pause button would be really nice since your entire computer seems to be entirely devoted to the export… Just because there might be something you need to do in the middle of an export, and cancelling is not ideal.

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…cpu usage can be set in DPL‘s settings. You can therefore balance the usability of your computer against the time taken for export.


That’s the ticket, Platypus. If I had a batch job to do like that, I’d make sure I didn’t have any video editing or graphics work on deck before starting it. I’d probably leave that job for lunch or break it into pieces or leave it overnight. If I did enough of conversions like that during main work hours I’d buy another work station on which to run my conversions. Pause during export sounds like an edge case to me and more settings and issues for DxO for no real improvement to the application.

In a perfect world it would be nice to be able to do that while an export is running :grinning:

Guys, I agree that we don’t want to bog the development team down with stuff that doesn’t seem so critical, but really - how tough would it be to have a pause function? I think we are talking about a minimal feature add here…

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IMHO, it’s easy to do… If the operation goes in several “streams”/simultaneously processed images, then pressing the pause button, we will wait < 1min until all the latest data in “stream” is written to disk. After a pause, the pressing the resume button starts processing again (from the last processed raw file).


I’ve turned your post into a feature request in order the users could vote for it.

Svetlana G.

Starting and restarting a process and handling abandonment is harder than you think. Every variable has to be taken care of, from computer crashing to staying abandoned in the background for days on end. It partly depends on how the current export has been built. FCPX and some Adobe products have pause built into the application, so there’s prior art for how much complexity pause adds. Remember PhotoLab is cross-platform with feature parity. So pause has to be built for two separate OS if added (although even as a Mac user, I don’t care if PhotoLab adds pause for Windows if it’s easy there and hard on Mac and hence leaves Mac out of the loop, or vice versa).

If pause is an easy fix, then it should be done. If it’s a time consuming fix, it’s not worth it in my opinion.