Export to Disk - Add Option to Prevent Enlargement when Resizing

When exporting to disk, PhotoLab provides the option to “Allow image resampling” which opens up the option to specify the size of the Longest side in pixels.

The trouble is that if the longest side of the image to be exported is smaller than the value specified, then the image that is exported is actually enlarged. Now this may be the required behavior in some cases, but definitely not always, especially when exporting batches of files of varying size to disk.

The majority of the time with my workflow I actually want to avoid enlargement, which would be very simple to implement and would only need some kind of a “Don’t Enlarge” checkbox to be added to the export dialogue.

Believe it or not, at least with the windows version of PhotoLab, there does not even seem to be a workaround, as there is no way to sort or filter images by cropped size. In fact the only image size that is easily available to work with in any form seems to be the original image size. The only way I have found to see the cropped image size is by opening up the crop tool, which is awkward with a single image and not a feasible approach with batches.

Alun - there is an option to sort by Size … which would give you an indication of those images (at the top of the sorted list) that are likely to be too small for resampling. Not exactly what you want, but could save you some unwanted enlargements.


That was what I was hoping when I first ran into this problem…

Unfortunately it turns out that Sort by Size sorts by the original raw file size, and does not take cropping into account. So it does not help at all :frowning_face:

I considered the Sort by Size behavior to be a bug, but DxO treated it as a “feature request” when I reported it.

Ahhh - Of course … Sorry 'bout that dead-end !


I came to make this same suggestion.

I want to export my images to a set size, but if I crop any of them that make them smaller than the size I am downsizing to I do not want them enlarged.

Seems like a very quick and easy option to implement.

Agreed. I want to export my images to fit 4k displays, but I don’t want to upscale cropped, smaller images.