Export to application problems with multiple files

I sometimes do HDR merge in Affinity Photo. When I export the selected files, in my case normally 5, PL starts to work and sometimes the first pop up in Affinity, but not the next 4. Other times no files at all open i Affinity.
Of course, there is a simple work around, export them to disk and then select them from Affinity Photo.

still the best way to do it, i also do it for focus stacking and pano. let PL export those file first then you can keep doing your work.


If you are on Windows then download and install the .exe file for Affinity as there have been issues with the new windows installer. This may fix your issue.

I have already done that.

I guess I have to keep on doing that. But it would have been more elegant to do it in one step.

Relatively easy work around. I have been exporting to disk as a work around for a very long time. It works very well. Maybe someday, hopefully in our life times, this will be fixed, either by DXO or Affinity.

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When dealing with multiple files, a clean export and then opening the project in Affinity Photo a far more sound way of working between two applications (even if from the same vendor). For individual files, easy round-tripping is a huge convenience. Hopefully that’s working for you.

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