Export to application makes a tiff copy

When I use Export to application (as a tiff), PL3 makes tiff copy in the same source folder.
I don’t suppose there is a way to turn this off the copy feature

If you don’t have a tiff file, what are you going to work with in the other app?

The RAW file will not have changed, only the .dop file contains the changes. Those changes have to be “combined” with the RAW file into some kind of file before it can be further treated.

The file opens in Affinity Photo. I then save or export to another location on the HD.
But PL immediately creates a tiff copy in the original folder which I then need to go back and delete.
I don’t want my folders of RAW files to fill up with tiff copies.

It ends up being easier to just Export to disk.

wrong post.

DxO can’t export the RAWfile, so it is developing the present state of the edited rawfile to your settings:
So it stores this in the same folder as your source and it returns after saving in the application and updates the tiff-file. after that a export to disk does nothing more then compres the 16bit adobergb in to a in my case 8bit sRGB jpeg.(all the prime and such is then already done.)
What you can do is use:
you can customise the destination folder for the tiff alter the suffix as your liking or even discard it completely.
then point your Application to that folder (open all tiffs in Affinity photo and just use that export modes to Jpeg in the end or export to a second step 16bitTiff folder with a new suffix as reminder.)

do pre- edit in DxO of all and then second step to all.
no clustered rawfiles, Virtual Copies and the developed Tiffs in one filmstrip.
personalised track(record) for your desired development path.

When i do more then just one tiff for stacking or viveza or such i always use the preset “TIFF” .
(i have this in Adobe RGB for more wiggleroom after conversion from raw to tiff. last step is always sRGB.)

If I understand you correctly, I already do what you describe.
Export to disk. Destination Desktop. Tiffs set to open in Affinity.
When the Tiff is no longer needed on the Desktop, delete.

I thought what would be convenient is if Export to application did not create a saved copy, only the copy opened in the chosen application. But not so.

So my updated request would be, make available a Destination: Custom Folder in the Export to application-Options panel.

As far as I can remember there is a feature request for that behavior already