Export render times in PL7 on Mac super slow

Exporting jpgs is taking way too long to be useful.

19 seconds or more for each image. And it seems to be locking up most all the power on my Mac so I can not do anything else when rendering images out. Never had this problem before.
We can not use it like this.
Will this be fixed soon?

I am on a loaded Mac mini no problem with other editing programs they are all much faster and dont lock up the system power.

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Welcome to the forum, @EddieM

Export times depend on how you set PhotoLab’s preferences: check the last tab for GPU support, this should be on automatic, if your Mac Mini is equipped with Apple Silicon, the selector should indicate that ANE is used when necessary.

Export times also depend on what you do with an image. Optical corrections and de-noising stretch export times. DeepPrime XD is a killer, e.g. if you set DPL to only use the CPU.

For better guesses, we need more information like e.g.

  • Dimension of the files your RAW files
  • Corrections
  • Mac model used, GPU used. RAM, SSD or HD? etc.

You might want to establish a baseline.

  • export an image with no correction except for the different de-noising methods anp post the results here, along with some detail about the image and your Mac.

20 seconds or so isn’t that slow. That’s what it takes me per image on an $850 M1 MacBook Air (8 GB RAM) for 24 MP Canon RAW images with extensive optical corrections and countless other adjustments and when using Deep Prime XD. Now, if you have a “loaded” Apple Silicon M1 or M2 Mac Mini, yes…it should be much faster. The slowdown may be because of less that optimal settings. The older Intel machines may behave differently, but can be very fast too. I find that using Deep Prime XD does take most of the power and slows down other simultaneous tasks. When just using regular Deep Prime, then other tasks are not affected and it only takes 4 seconds per image to process.