Export Quality


I compared 3 different JPG Quality exports.
90%, 95%, 100%

The file size is partly quite different.
4,9MB 7,6MB 22,3MB

When i compare this 3 exports, i dont see any difference.

Whats your export settings ?
For what i should work with 100% ?


You probably won’t see any difference with 80%.
When I’m right you will see some differences in the dark parts of it. And in the light sky/clouds.


My default is 80% and use the images in photo books with no visible issues!

If you are going to print large posters then I would look at using tif files where there is no compression.

I think you can have 100 % processed jpg as heavy as raw in PL. I use 95, and like you, i notice no difference on my screen. And for web, i reduce to 2048 pixels the longer side.

JPG was designed to reduce file size with minimal visible difference. What you’re seeing is normal; it can be very difficult to see differences between different compression levels. There’s not much reason to use 100%.