Export PL5 Nick collection


I use PL5 5.1.2 4700 build and Nik collection 4.2.1
when I want to export to Nik silver effex pro I don’t have the possibility. I get the following answer: “Nik collection not installed”.
But I have both softwares well installed.

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suggest to uninstall (in Windows → Apps and Features) and re-install the Nik Collection

Yes i will be test this

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Good morning @Gouban ,

It can be the same problem with - Installed NIK Collection not recognised by Photolab 5 - Nik Collection by DxO - DxO Forums

Could you, please, have a look?

If it’s the same problem, please reinstall NIK as suggested by @Wolfgang .

Svetlana G.

Hello Svetlana,

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I first installed the PL5 update, which did not change anything.
Then I uninstalled Nik collection and then reinstalled and now it’s ok the export to Nik button works.
Thanks Svetlana for answering my question.
See you soon on the forum.


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Good morning!

You are welcome! It’s a problem with some NIK registry files which are removed by a third party applications. So the only workaround is to reinstall NIK while they are working on the solution of the problem.

Svetlana G.

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