Export JPG photo darker how to fix it

Hello I share you histogram who is changing ?! ?! WTF when I export my photo in JPG.
I guess I miss something, because I don’t want any change in my photography … :cry:

I hope I can share you histogram, here is the link histogram-dxo-raw-vs-exportjpg hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Welcome @Rodyh

This is an effect of JPEG compression amplified by resizing.


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Histogram changes usually reflect edits that one has applied to an image before export. Please check your edits and try an export with all palettes switched off.

Even if you set PhotoLab to apply “No Correction” to an image, it must assume a few edits in order to be able to convert from RAW to JPEG.

I’ve never noticed any images with such a histogram, unless I applied something other than “No Correction”. I’ve seen comblike histograms when I applied Fujifilm Acros 400 grain.

Can you also share:

  1. Your RAW file and the associated .dop file created by PL so that we can see the edits you have applied.
  2. A screenshot of the Export dialog box so we can see the settings you are using for you rJPEG export.
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Thanks for your answers,

Yes I export in JPG a final work on the raw so yes, there is color corrections, many many things.

I think like Pieloe said, the compression and especially the resize create that, I guess.

I have problems espcially for dark/black , all the time, each pictures, my darks become more more darker (finally dark becomes black).

I loose all the subtlety of my retouch.

Is there a file format who can save better than JPG and can be read by web browser, smartphones, … TIF 16 bits ? but it’s very large file format.

I think about that I use 90% quality in DXO mais I should try 100% quality.

I made some tests.

So the blue lines we can see on histogram is from compression.
It doesn’t change the blacks, the darks.

The color profile is the problem, when I use SRGB, it changes my darks and blacks.

I tried quality 80% with original color profile I keep my darks and blacks.
I tried quality 100% with SRGB colors, I have lost informations in darks and blacks.

So I can a difference in DXO PHOTOLAB. I keep my histogram close to the RAW, and see well my darks.

But when I read the JPG, in fact all JPG I tried (different quality, color profile) they look the same in the web browser ! LUL
Unbelievable !

I tried TIF 8bits compressed, when I use color profile adobe it’s ok and when I use SRGB i loose again my informations in darks and blacks.

So this is the SRGB the problem. and also TIF can’t be used easily online, for exemple I can’t open it simple in a web browser.

So I have no choice ?
What do you do to have best results with black and white for exemple using JPG sRGB ?

Thanks for the help ! :slight_smile:

To check we need the raw-file and some more information (like the OS, the viewer you use, some screenshots …).
As new forum users are ‘restricted’ for some time you may upload elsewhere and share the link with us.

This is from SRGB, to fix this problem
When I use screen proofing with sRGB profile, I see the darks become black. (I see the histogram move a lot to the left, a little to the whites too, but not a lot)
So i use the curve tool in photolab, I up the black to 5 or 10 it depends of the photos to fix the problem, and now the JPG are more close to my blacks

is your computer/monitor/display adapter properly color calibrated?

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