Export is taking too much time ... REALLY!




Sorry for the title but I just could not stop laughing :sweat_smile:
The 8 seconds are correct, I do not know what PhotoLab did the other
2562047788015215_ hours and 30_minutes :rofl:

PS: as you can see there is a notification from right now, and one from 7 days ago.
Between the two I did have the computer in Standy and tested the same picture, only this one picture.
I will restart the Mac later and see if the bug disappear.

CC: @StevenL


Hi Marc,

maybe you should not only reboot the Mac, but shoot it to the moon right away :rocket: :full_moon_with_face: :rofl:

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Interesting. 292’471’208’677.535958904109589 years and 30 minutes. How much is that in light years? Sorry lent my calc light sabre to Luke.

@Guenterm there’s no more space on the moon’s dump spaces, all full of Vista, Win '95, ME and Win 8 PCs, Windows mobile phones and Zune players and some M$ surface thingies, no wonder I see them never in shops. Well, not each copycat idea works out, but Elon Musk in his moon rocket – or was it Bezos? – would have some nice places to clean them up. Like Twitter :grin:


A light year is a measure of distance so irrelevant in this context.

Do be accurate @JoJu . 0.3 trillion years (rounded) gives 300 billion years, or 300,000 pholabs.

A pholab is the standard unit of measure for DxO time to add a requested feature, roughly a million years.


@m-photo , one possibility is that the internal clock gets off track changing time zones or lagging caused by standby (never seen such a thing though on my Macs) or time server issues.Better check date and time settings and status every now and then. Maybe it’s just another DPL bug that you were lucky enough to discover…:smirk:

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Forgive me to be so sloppy, I’m still new in the cosmos of DxO time units :smiling_face:

One pholab? Only? But only if the guys are in a hurry-mode, right?

That puts the word “standby” onto sort of an infinity level. But as long as it’s predictable in hours (and this is without InfraDeepPrime from version 453, right?) everything should be fine. Also, plenty of workarounds still to be discovered along the way(ting).

I believe they call it “Easteregg” these days.

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Yes. I am pretty lucky at this kind of things :sweat_smile:

So, a reboot did not fix the notification.
And, although I do not use PL everytime I use the Mac, the Mac did not stay in standby for 7 earthly days. The “normal for Earth” date and time are in perfect shape on the device. I could not see any time warp due to a gravity wave from a black hole.

CC: @StevenL

As far as I know an easteregg is something voluntary. Let’s see if I win a chocolate or an award and we will know if it’s a bug or an egg :grimacing:

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You wouldn’t. A pholab is outside the normal realm of einsteinian physics and is immutable in both time and space and unaffected by other forces (such as a really high number of feature votes or threads on a topic or gravitational anomaly).

It’s always a million years, unless it goes in the backlog. Then it’s two.


Can be both:



Cute little things and so tasty. :laughing:

Interesting, if I divide that figure by 7 to the power of Pi I get the exact increments of 211 that the control point warmth slider jumps in. The figure of 2562047788015215 is itself the amount the warmth is out by when you drag to the side to get the smaller increments a normal, less frustrated person needs, and then it’s 211 drags at the smaller increment to get it back to where you need it.

Hmmm. This sounds like anything can be proven but just finding how to fiddle manipulate numbers.


  • 1 + 2 x 3 = 9 (wrong)
  • 1 + 2 x 3 = 7 (right)

:wink: :woozy_face:

Hmm, now look at that: if I add up the letters in your comment numerologically I get 666, which is the mark of The Beast. :scream::wink:

Yes, but which one? For we are many :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Now you’re scaring me.

looks like we’re way off topic now

Yeah, but we have app. 300k years time to get back on track, so no worries…

Has anyone noticed the correlation between these numbers, the sides and angles of the Giza pyramids and the distance between the Nasca plain and Stonehenge?

Proof of alien intervention QED

I would not say « off TOPIC » but only « OFF » :crazy_face::face_with_spiral_eyes::woozy_face::rocket::ringer_planet:

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It is 292471208678 years, older than the Universe, is DxO trying to build a new religion?