Export images to SmugMug and others

Is there any chance that PL will be extended so as to be able to export images to SmugMug and others?

In case you don’t know the technique, the easiest method is to export the file to a folder, launch the vendor website and import the file to the vendor site.

Thank but I do understand how to use that rather archaic process. With respect, my question is not how to do it but whether DxO are planning to add automated functionality to PhotoLab, one that imo would sit quite comfortably beside export to Photos.

Google had several vendor links in their Picasa editor. However, there must have been a maintenance problem because the links were often broken. The work-around was the archaic export/import process.


Seeking to know if this interests anyone else, or if it is on the roadmap for a future iteration.

I guess that could be a nice project for an independent developer.
Step 1: Export from Photolab to a folder, including all metadata.
Step 2: This new software would let you choose to which online service you would like to upload the exported files and which metadata to share.

This is something that a DAM (digital asset manager) can do. I use IMatch as my DAM (Windows only), and it’s simple to use drag and drop of selected exported PL images to the SmugMug web uploader. This certainly could be done with a standalone program, assuming the developer is up to speed on the SmugMug API, but I’m not sure how efficient it would be. The advantage of using a DAM is that it’s much easier to select the images to upload (using Ratings and/or other metadata, including file extensions). In addition, a DAM allows setting keywords to identify uploaded photos (e.g., using SmugMug gallery names).