Export from PL5.2 to Nik, adjusting size (pixels) of .tiff files

I’m having trouble exporting files from PL5.2 to any of the Nik products and maintaining the original RAW file dimensions of 6000 x 4000 pixels. All the exported .tiff files are reduced to 1024 x 684 pixels (approximate). After processing in a Nik app, the .tiff files are sent back into PL5.2 in the 1024 x 684 pixel size

This is happening to all my images (all 6000 x 4000p) when exporting from PL5.2 (running on macOS 10.15.7 Catalina) into any Nik product. The image that is edited in a Nik app is importing back into PL as x_Nik_(productname).tiff at 1024x683 after editing in Nik.

Where in settings do I change the export resolution?

In PL5.2, I’ve set the Image > Export > Export to disk… and Export to application… so that Enable resizing is not checked. And yet PL5.2 still resizes the images to 1024p on the longest edge.


Are you passing images from PL to Nik via;

  • This button ? … image … which invokes the Nik tool as a plug-in.

  • or, this button ? … image … and then running the Nik tool in stand-alone mode

Those settings affect the Export to Disk pathway.

For settings used by the Nik Collection button, see the option presented at the bottom of the Plugin Selector: image

HtH - John M

Hi & welcome to the forum!

As already indicated by @John-M, you seem to have set the export size (= NOT set) with Export to disk

For Export to Nik you have separate settings to choose from → PlugIn selector ( → at the bottom )

shown here with different settings (resizing enabled)

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Most excellent, to both of you. And thanks. Now I have a full 6000x4000 image to work with :slight_smile:
I was stuck in a rut of “export settings must be controlled prior to touching the Nik Collection launch button.”

I’ve enjoyed reading tips/insights into PL & Nik. I need to hang out here a bit more.


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