Export files for Lightroom post processing, DNG or TIF?

are both file format include all the adjustment done in photolab? or the dng only include some of the adjusments?
i found the colour is more rich when i open the tiff file in lightroom, while the color of dng file is dull

Just a thought, Barry … That might be due to the ICC profile for your DNG export being assigned as Original (= as shot) … esp. if you’re capturing with the Adobe colour-space.

John M

I use both formats depending on the following

  1. DPL used for lens/anamorphosis/perspective corrections only: DNG
  2. DPL also used to adjust colours and more: TIFF, usually 16 bit with appropriate colour space

16 bit TIFFs are BIG, but leave enough headroom for further processing
DNGs can easily be white balanced because they show the known temperature/tint properties. Opening DNGs in another editor (Lightroom and such) can give you strange colours, specially in fairly saturated primary colours. I have one image with a red curtain that gives me a headache once it is back in Lr as DNG. Issue caused by color space (clipping in the reds in this case)