Export fails on deepprimed files

Edited Canon CR2 and CR3 files will not export a jpeg or tiff that has been deepprimed in Photolab 5 . Photolab 4 still works on same files. Primed files in 5 work okay.
Have uninstalled and reinstalled 5 without any change to situation.
Anyone else seen this and solved it?

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this is a known issue and it is under investigation but could you, please provide me with some samples+sidecars?
Please, upload them via upload.dxo.com and let me know when ready.

A kind of workaround till the a fix is released is to uncheck “lateral chromatic aberration” box in detail pannel (not the full chromatic aberration correction, only the checkbox).
But of course you might get lateral chromatic aberration on your output images.


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Can you explain more clearly what the problem is?

I have Canon .CR2 and .CR3 files and, as yet, not had any problems editing them in PL5, using DeepPRIME, and then exporting the image as a (16 bit) TIFF.

I only have on-board graphics / no dedicated graphics card so DeepPRIME takes a long time but that’s not a problem for me