Export Fails from Panasonic S5II (Photolab 6.4)


JPEG/RAW, GPU enabled or CPU rendering, OpenCL on or off does not make a difference. Every other camera I’ve tried works. Cannot figure out what the issue is.


If there’s an update to the optics modules for the S5 II, these should have been applied with the installation of PL 6.4. It might be that a bug was introduced with the update, though. Best to submit a ticket via support.dxo.com. DxO support will probably want to see your log files and have a test RAW with sidecar file submitted via upload.dxo.com.

@geoffcbassett Hello Geoff, Could you, please test RAW images and raise a ticket with DxO support via this contact form page:
You’ll be personally assisted there.

Sending a support ticket, but as a follow up this issue only occurs with image shot with manual focus lenses. Photos taken with AF lenses seem to export fine. Very weird error.