Export custom lens corrections to personal Optics Modules

PREAMBLE: DxO tutorial “Correcting lenses without DxO Optics Module” describes how to create presets to correct lenses defects: https://www.dxo.com/project/correcting-lenses-without-dxo-optics-module/ and highlights two scenarios where this is desirable:

(1) there is no Optics Module for a lens (e.g. old or rare lens, etc.)
(2) the lens is supported, however: “individual optical defects vary, depending on the lens you use, the focal length, aperture, and sometimes even the focusing distance. You may have to create several different presets that correspond to different shooting parameters”.

IT IS PROPOSED to further develop this functionality by:

• creating an export option of presets to custom Optics Modules with unique names, e.g. “Canon EOS M6 + EF-M 11-22mm HIGH ISO”, “Canon EOS M + Jupiter-11”, etc.
• providing an option to select which Optics Module corrections will be applied to new discovered images.

I believe that the above would create a proper integration of DxO lens correcting modules and presets.