Export Button Vanishes When Film Strip is Hidden

Customise View: When I hide the film strip by dragging its upper edge down, the export and Nik buttons go away too. I consider this to present some room for improvement and therefore

  • propose that these buttons be placed where they remain visible,
    even if FS and docks are hidden.

I’ve noticed this lately, too. I have a customised workspace for when I am using only my laptop screen and hiding the filmstrip is critical for this.

I agree. The NIK and Export buttons should not be part of the Image Browser (filmstrip). I often hide the Image Browser while working on an image, but that is also when I need the NIK and Export buttons. I shouldn’t need to enable the Image Browser to get to them… I’ve had this issue in PL4, but it appears to be unchanged in PL6.

As a workaround (NOT proposed as a solution) one can use shortcut [Ctrl+Alt+P] to activate Export to Disk … There’s not a shortcut to invoke Export to Nik, tho.

John M