Export bug

Exporting a DNG file that doubles in size in LightroomClassic returns to its original size

Not sure if I understand what you do. Can you give us a step-by-step description of what you do and what your source file is?

Im using sony a1 whith macbook pro16

step1 Lightroom classic
sony rawfile.ARW (filesize 54MB)→ Scale-up 2x→sony rawfiles-2x.DNG(filesize 642MB)
step2 dxo pureraw
sony rawfile-2x.DNG(filesize 642MB)→deep prime→sony rawfile.DNG(54MB)←?

after deep prime filesize scale down

I tried to reproduce your process and found this:

LrC’s “enlarged” files are more than 12X the size of the original file.
DPR’s exports have the same file size, which is about 3x the original’s. My guess is, that DPR acts not on the “enlarged” image, but on the original image embedded in LrC’s “enlarged” files.

I suppose that this a design decision: How should DPR be able to act on data that have been de-mosaiced by someone else’s algorithm? In order to draw best results from the file, the embedded original data is used.

If you want Lightroom’s hi-res files, this is what you should do:

  1. Process images with DPR
  2. Apply hi-res to the files created by DPR

Please note that file size as seen in the first screenshot is not the same as the number of Mpixels shown in the second screenshot. File size is huge after hi-res’ing a DPR .dng file:

My conclusion: This is not a bug.

Thank you

DPR export → LrC 2x → Unnatural stittch pattern appears

LrC 2x → DPR → Natural
It was working fine until the end of last year.
started after the LrC update

Please add an image to illustrate what the issue is.