Experiences with iMac 2019 and DXO PL2?

As I said in another thread, I’m interested in the new iMac (27" 2019). Does anyone have any experiences with this new iMac and DXO PL2? How does it compare to earlier iMacs? Differences in speed maybe?
Please share experiences.
Thank you!

Google for „geekbench mac“ to see what the machine‘s potential is and be aware that this does not forcibly mean that all software do take advantage of it.

Thank you Platypus. I already did that, and one of the reasons I consider the new iMac 27", is its speed.
I wonder how I much I 'll notice this speed difference when working with PL2 (loading PL2 itself / exporting hundreds of files with Prime noise reduction, but most important…working on files, using brushes/etc.). Does PL2 use Single Core / Multi Core…and then, only for exporting files? Also for working on files?

I also just ran Geekbench on my present iMac (end 2013). Scores are:

Single Core Score: 4528
Multi Core Score: 15509

For the iMac 2019 scores from Geekbench are:

Single Core: 6235
Multi Core: 33314

I’ve just checked DPL2 with activity monitor switched on and it looks like DPL does spread activities over all cores. There might be some actions that do it more or less than others though. Who knows and I’m too lazy to watch activity monitor on everything I do… Having better benchmarks is certainly welcome but… you never know in advance whether an application will profit from it or not. Having SSD instead of HDD is a good idea, but as far as I can see today, DPL does not profit that much from it (comparing an internal HDD with a thunderbolt attached ssd to boot from)