Experience using DxO/NikCollection on Linux/Wine?

I have been running NikCollection for a number of years on an old PC, which is now very long in the tooth! I would like to transfer the whole lot to my (much, much).

Does anyone have any experience of running DxO or NikCollection on Linux, either directly or via a VM or environment such as Wine?

A rapid reply would be much appreciated as I am hoping to purchase during Black Friday event.

Thanks in advance.

I have no such experience but I will suggest that you try for yourself by taking advantage the 30 day fully functional free trials that DxO offer on both PhotoLab and Nik Collection.

Don’t get your hopes up. One of the Wine compatibility sites lists PhotoLab compatibility as very low and there was a thread here with much discussion of how PhotoLab 4 doesn’t work under Wine.

Too bad. PhotoLab doesn’t need an official Linux version but smooth functionality under Wine would open doors to additional markets.

I think that may be the way to go. I just don’t want to waste lots of time. The issues with Photoshop appear to be very similar (some sort of commonality of approach or way of treating images somewhere?)