Expected PL6 Rendering Time on RAWs from Z9 FX


currently my Macbook pro 2015 is nearly useless on rendering Z9 FX RAWs using DP XD. What is the estimated speed? I am shooting HE converted with DNG converter. Only a few basic settings but with DP XD.

Here is my config:

PL is using the AMD Radeon R9 M370X.

And here ap PL progress bar:

Only chance buying a M1?


Here are the timings for this set of images with the different noise reduction variants:

DP XD processing times are highly dependent on the graphics card being used. The latest ones can be very quick; older ones not so much. Others here will have more insights into Mac-specific hardware.

I’d say: sticking to DeepPrime (not using DeepPrime XD). It seems to be taking 2min per 45MP image in your tests, versus 6min per image with XD. DeepPrime’s quality is already great, lots of people are saying that they don’t always prefer the XD result.

Then maybe use DeepPrime XD only for specific images that require the best possible detail, e.g. for medium to large prints.

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Thank you for your opinions!

So, shot a used MB Air M1 on Ebay. Rendering time of the 30 images with DPXD is now 6 Minutes. That is fully acceptable. :wink: The problem sticking to DP is also the time for checking the quality difference between the noise reduction options in the small crop image.


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