Expanding / Contracting tools with a Wacom Tablet and stylus

I wonder if anyone else has problems expanding and contracting tools when using a drawing tablet. I use a WacomOne on mac OS and clicking in the title bar of a tool fails to toggle the contents of the tool. I’m pretty sure that it use to work. If I use the computers trackpad to enter the mouse click all works as expected.

I’m running under Mac OS 11.6 Big Sur on a late 2013 MacBookPro.

I see that Joanna reported a similar issue back in 2017 when using a magic mouse.

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Don’t know for Mac – on Windows it works

  • to collapse,
  • to choose from the menu
  • and as long the sliders are long enough to execute a double click.

Yes it works - many thanks. Its odd though just adding DxO Photolab enables double clicking but only for the present computer on time meaning that it does not work following a reboot. I replicated your settings and it works and is still working following a reboot. I have copied your use of the “double click” but I think it should only be a “single click” but single clicks do not work. The stylus also works if I change its mode to “mouse” but unfortunately it renders the tablet unusable.

Simon, working with the mouse I always use the double click to reset to “0” as well to compare with the chosen setting instantly (click – double click – click). Doing so with the pen’s tip is soso.

  • What I’m missing is the ability to register the pen’s pressure. But then painting with the brush, PL4 always shows the mask, while hiding the result (calculating in the background).

    • And I would like an option to see the result without that mask.
  • Even more I miss an option to draw straight lines with brush & eraser
    (start with click – hold down a key [ALT, Crtl or Shift] – click again the target point),
    which is realized in PS since ages.

for more input you may search for
mask @Wolfgang

@Wolfgang I dedicated the rear part of the pen’s switch as double click. “Soso” is a nice way to put the difficulty of double tap the pen’s tip.

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