Exif edits in PL 5.0.1


I just installed PL 5.0.1 and I miss the old (PL4) “Exif Editor” panel.

How can I enter “Autor” and “Copyright” in PL5 as it was possible in PL4?

Regards - Matthias

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These, now come under the IPTC panel of the Metadata palette.

Look for IPTC - Contact : Creator and IPTC - Status : Copyright Notice.


Ahh… thanks a lot, Joana. :slightly_smiling_face:

And how can I make this persistent? It seems that IPTC-Data is not part of a preset. Copyright-Notice and Name of the Creator don’t change that often and should be entered to all my photos.

Regards - Matthias

Well, my camera (a Nikon) has a setting for those entries and they are automatically stored in the image.

Yes, it is not persistent.
But you can fill in once the topics that interest you in IPTC-Contact and IPTC-Status, then you just have to copy this data with ALT+Shift+C and paste it into the new files with CTRL+ALT+Shift+V (where you can select the relevant topics)
(it sounds a bit complicated but it works)

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Also worth noting: these IPTC fields auto-populate from the EXIF data in the original image file, if that data exists. And as I recall, when you export to JPEG or TIFF, the EXIF fields of the exported image file are populated from the associated IPTC fields if the latter aren’t blank.

Hmm… that does not feel like progress. The solution of PL4 was far more convenient for me.

OK, Cut&Paste is always a way to go, but one must admit that this is presumably the most basic solution available - actually unworthy for a software like PhotoLab, particularly if a better solution once existed.

@Egregius: You are at the core of the problem. In PL4 I was able to edit Author and Copyright permanently as EXIF data. I would like to have this back again - gladly without changing the new IPTC Editor. The EXIF Panel still exists, please integrate the old embodiment of PL4 into the new PL5.

But I’m only one of thousands of PL users and this is not the most important thing around. :wink:

Regards - Matthias

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Just an idea: Probably a short script with ‘exiftool’ is a practical solution. Simply add Author and Copyright to all files before doing anything else.

We are talking about it here, a request to be able to use presets has been made.
you can vote for this

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Done so. :slight_smile:

I found adding copywight and keywords in my DAM befor importing worked. At lest it has for RAW, jpeg imiges failed to export untill I got all the imbeded stuff out. It was no problem in PL4 so the improvements for many of us have caused problems.

@apaulus: Andre, I have to apologize! :roll_eyes:

Yes, the keyboard shortcuts are a bit different with german localisation, but meanwhile I found what you’ve meant.

If I do a CTRL+Click on a thumbnail in PL5, there are the options “Metadata copy” (CTRL+CMD+C) und “Insert Selected Metadata” (CTRL+ALT+CMD+V), where the latter of course works with all remaining images selected.

That’s by far the second best solution (after ‘selected metadata’ in a preset file :wink:).

I’m sorry, if I read “Cut & Paste” I think of CMD+C and CMD+V, regardless what there’s written - really my fault.

Anyway - that’s a way I can live with - until a (still) better solution will be implemented.

Thanks Andre! - Matthias

It might be up to me to apologize … because I haven’t considered the possibility of you working with a Mac…
Weiterhin alles Gute mit PL5 !