Exif editor query

The instruction manual for PL2 seems to suggest that it is possible to add author and copyright info to the Exif data, using Exif editor, but I can’t see this feature in my version of PL (the basic version). Is this feature left out of the cheaper version of the program?

I don’t know about the Essential Edition but in Elite if you go to Customize you can edit the Author and Copyright in the EXIF palette.

That’s it though, everything else in the palette seems to be read only.

There seems to be no info on differences concerning EXIF handling…

Hello guys,

I conform - there is no difference between Essential and Elite versions in terms of Exif editing and you can do it in both versions here:


Svetlana G.

Thank you for your replies. I didn’t realise until it was pointed out, that the Exif editor was accessed through the “Customize” tab, though it is clear from the DxO manual now I’ve looked again. I was seeing the Exif panel in the PhotoLibrary, and wondering why I couldn’t see the edit function. Anyhow, I’m pleased I can now add author to my old Fuji files.

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indeed, this might be another well suited location for the exif panel.