Exif data gone missing - Time/Date Digitized

I run DPL4 with Catalina on a Mac. Just did some housecleaning with files in my DAM software and noticed that files processed with DPL4 lost “Date/Time digitized” when exported as a tiff (I have not tried other export options)

Date Time Original is handed over though.

I then looked with files exported with DPL 3 and there both is there.
Anyone out there who could check on his side.

BTW - the pictures were taken with a Canon 40D, as raw.


Just checked with DPL3 and DPL4 on Mojave.

Both exports show “Date/Time digitized” as seen in Apple Preview’s info panel.

(verified with .cr2 files written by the original EOS 5D (screenshot) and EOS 5DIII.

Thank you - found the problem.