EXIF Adjustment for TC

When I need to sharpen a photo taken with my Nikon 400mm and a TC, I can just edit the EXIF by reducing the FL back to the lens only figure and PL then allows me to adjust the lens sharpness.

When I try this with my Nikon 200-500 it doesn’t work ( neither by adjusting the max aperture ) as PL list the lens with the TC in the Metadata window.

So does anyone no where PL is getting this info from as I can’t see an EXIF tag for the TC?

Just a guess, but try the Maker’s Notes.

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Thanks I’ll have a look when I get back, to my PC.

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lensmodel” is what DPL needs. I’ve successfully added newer lenses to files from cameras with old firmware that did not know the lens and had empty lensmodel tags.

Write lens model:
exiftool “-lensmodel=EF40mm f/2.8 STM20140626-8376.cr2

Get the spelling from a file that has the respective lens data and replace the parts in italic. Work on copies until you’re sure that things work as expected.


Thanks guys. I still haven’t found it but it looks like I would have to go in the Nikon LensID to adjust it, but I fixed my problem by downloading the DXO module for the 200-500 with the TC-14E III - I only have the TC-14E II so it didn’t install automatically, but for some reason after installing the module, DXO in the Metadata windows says I used the TC-14E III and now allows me to adjust the lens sharpness so that will do for me.

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… the same here with two other lenses, where the TC-14EII is ‘recognized’ as III – love it

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