Excessive RAM usage

I have also noticed PL4 becoming slow. It takes 10…20 seconds just for “Full Preview in Progress” after defining or even slightly altering a local adjustment mask or its adjustments. I have not found a solution to speed up.

It also takes an awfully long time to load NEF images to PL.

WIN10 Home 64,
Core i7-4770, 3.40GHz,
32 Gb,
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760,
Nikon D850.

Unfortunately, you are posting your message in the Mac section rather than the Windows section. If you don’t know how to move it, let’s ask @sgospodarenko if she can.

I’d like to move to the WIN section. This is just what happened when I entered the service.
I really do not know how to enter the right section in future. This posting I can easily copy/paste to new position.
Thank you Joanna for your helpful information!



Svetlana G.

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Hi Klaus, what are your settings in the performance options?

Best performance has been choosen in graphics settings for DxO PL4 and other image editing software (usually the others are not running simultaneously with PL).
I have Kaspersky and Simple Malware Protector running and I see a lot of other software is also running at the same time. DxO PL is, however, taking the vast majority of the capacity of the CPU - up to 95 % or so and the graphics card seem to be active too.

Leon, I understand we should be posting this in WIN section - this is obviously for MAC.

You’re in the windows section, Svetlana moved it for you. :grinning:

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Can you disable these and see what happens? Also is any DxO indexing going on at the same time?

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Kaspersky sees to have little effect on the speed.
I managed to update Windows 10 to the newest version. This seems to have a positive effect on PL.
Especially the speed has increased when rendering the image during editing for local adjustments mask definition or zooming that were slower before. Deep Prime is still slow and I cannot say if there is any difference compared with before.
I would like to learn how to optimize the usage of the CPU and GPU. Where do I find possible settings? I already changed the settings in WIN CPU to “do PL as fast as can”. That helped a lot too. Does PL have respective settings to be adjusted?
My C: drive is SSD but the image files are stored on a HDD and processed from there. Does it help copying the files to the SSD and process them from there and later transferring the images back to the HDD?

Core i7-4774@3.40
RAM 32 Gt
WIN 10 Home 64,
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

Dear Klaus,

Reading your message I think you are now running WIN10x64 19042.804, right?
I have the same too (WIN10x64 Pro 19042.804) and…indeed also found PL4 to be more responsive after that update for some reason. However, you have changed settings in CPU " do PL as fast as can" additionally. Might I ask what settings these are. I’m interested to see if it will will help me further speeding up PL4 (4.1.1). Thanks in advance.


I encountered the same issue end of last year and asked the German support team for advice. This is what I have received:

  • Download recent version of PL software and install again.
  • Change in PL the “Open CL” settings and check for improvement
  • Check if your system partition (typically the c-drive “c:” ) is relatively full.
  • Using external hard drives could slow down access
  • De-activate any running virus scanning software, but cut Internet connection first to be on the safe side. Check for improvement.

I went through all the listed recomendations and finally manged my issue successfully. I consider my main problem was the limited space (about 50 GB left) of my system partition. Therefore, I moved the save location of the PL Cache and PL Database from my system partition to a partition with more space. Both save locations can be found and changed in the PL program settings. In addition to this, I used the software “System Mechanic” for an intensive maintenance of my compouter settings and to get rid of redundant files in order to increase the space of my system partition. That’s it how I was successful and have got back full PL speed and much more fun to work with. Good luck!

I meant Settings → Graphics settings → Graphics performance. Here I choose maximum performance instead of battery power consumption. This is GPU - not CPU. I wonder, what settings can be made in PL.
You are right, it is Windows 10x64 Home 19042.804. Updating was laborious and needed online help and remote control from Windows help center.

Thank you Georg. I will try these settings, too.
My C: has 90 GB free and is SDD type. Only the software is on C:, but I do not know how much PL uses this drive on the go.
My storage drives (internal HDD drives connected to the mother board) contain the original images and the results. They have 3,3 TB and 1,2 TB free space. I will test copying NEF files to C: and working only from there to see if that speeds up.
Nikon Capture NX2 used a temp directory that was better to be defined on a different drive than the software. Does anything like this apply for PL?
Sooner or later the renewal of drive C: will be necessary due to the age of the drive. I hope the software can be transferred without having to buy new. Any recommendations for drive specs?

One issue that sometimes I see is that systems with dual graphics use the slower one to save power. For example my system has an onboard graphics processor on the motherboard but I also have a NVidia 1070TI plug in card. To avoid any issues at all, I have turned the motherboard graphics off completely via the UEFI (previously called the BIOS) settings. Of course this might not be a good idea on a laptop as you will use a lot of battery power all the time.

Thank you Leon. That is one more thing I will try.
Power consumption is no issue for me as I use a desktop plugged to the grid.

Hi @klasal,

if your ‘internal’ HDs are connected via eSata, everything should be fine ref to data transfer.
What Laptop are you running, what SSD size?