Everything just quits working

Hi just DL the program yesterday and was starting to like it but now I am running into problems.

Trying to edit a full job a wedding to see how well it works and after around ten images everything now has quit working.

The program is still up and running and I can move from image to image.
But nothing works the zoom-in preview is not sharp and when moving to the next image they are not loading in sharp at all.
And none of the sliders do anything now.

See screenshots you can see I changed the exposure from one end to the other and nothing has changed all the sliders are like this now nothing works they have no effect. And zoom in is no longer sharp.
So I am not able to edit past a few images without it stop working.

Hello @DigitalEd,

What happens if you restart the application? Still not working?

Svetlana G.

I found that DPL works best when I start and quit it a few times before using it seriously. I therefore propose to follow these steps:

  1. Install DPL
  2. Open DPL
  3. Check or set preferences
  4. Quit DPL
  5. Reopen DPL
  6. Check or set preferences
  7. Select a folder with not too many (30) images
  8. Wait a few minutes
  9. Quit DPL
  10. Reopen DPL and do your thing

While the above might look silly, it seems to be necessary in order to let DPL do the things it does after installation like creating the database, establish plugins etc. Just waiting a few minutes might work too, but Iā€™m not sure about that.

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How many images are in the folder you are working on?

It does take time for DxO to run through large numbers of files and it is recommended to keep folders small - tens or possibly a couple of hundred files but definitely not thousands.

Restarting works.
It was around 50 raw files.
But for this to work we edit an average 400 to 1200 raw files or more we shoot for each job.
Shooting a portrait session tomorrow.

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Hello @DigitalEd,

Could you, please, provide me with the logs next time you experience the same problem? (they are here - Log files ā€“ %UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 3 logs) but please, clean this folder before you start the test.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

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Very good explanation. Thank you so much this site has nice content

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