Error with a Lightroom

Processing: IMG_8588.jpeg…

This worked great with the trial, bought it, now it won’t open the finished file back in Lightroom.

Any fix? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Welcome to the forum @CaptiveCO

We’d need some more information about what you did step by step and which steps worked and which didn’t. Your current issue description leaves a lot of room for guessing.

Please also include which versions of PureRaw and OS you worked with.

Well, I uninstalled the program then reinstalled it and it fixed the issue, until now…

Step by step…DXO Pure Raw 3

Open LR catalog
select raw image, right click to export to DXO, run DXO, then I get this error. It’s exactly what was doing before it stopped working… again…

Tried to uninstall and reinstall and didn’t fix it this time.

Very disappointing

PureRaw can only read RAW files. Sending files to PureRaw cannot be done by exporting, but by the respective module option that you should be able to find in Lr’s file menu:

I’m only running it in raw files, and using the same export as your photo. Not the problem.

I have narrowed it down. It’s something between Lightroom and DXO. After running the process DXO IS finishing the process, and the image in going into the correct file, however it’s getting hung up when loading it to the gallery, so I get this error and it wont shop up.

If I try to go back and “import” the new DIG file, it says it’s already in the library.

So far the only fix I’ve found so far is to right click and go to “view in library” and then I can get it to show up and edit it once I click on it.

Other fix is to export an image to Photoshop, then save and it seems to correct for a bit, but starts again later.

Hopefully this can be fixed soon. (Sent to tech support.)

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