Error “These images are either not supported or have already been processed in DxO PureRaw, or the files may be corrupted”

I have a Fuji X100VI, I understand that XD2 support isn’t ready yet, but according to documentation, the files should process using the old tech. I was getting this error on PureRaw 3, so decided to do the upgrade. I still get the error. It processes my Olympus files just fine. I’ve tried both from within Lightroom and direct processing through the finder or drag and drop on to the application, same error every time.

Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

Now that I reread the support page, it looks like X100VI files are not yet supported.

It usually takes from one to three months after release for a new camera to be supported. DxO needs to acquire a loaner copy of the camera to create a profile. The time it takes for a profile to be added, will, in part, depend on loaner availability. This is a very popular new camera and many reviewers, testers, and software developers are in line for what is probably a limited number of loaners.


I used Exif Editor and changed the camera model from X100VI to X100V and PureRaw processed them just fine, Lightroom was able to read the output DNG, but the RAF was no longer read by Lightroom. I made backup copies of my original RAW files before messing around with the EXIF. Once I changed the EXIF back, Lightroom was able to read them again.

After doing a little experimentation, there are two EXIF fields that both Lightroom and PureRaw use for Camera Model: Software and Camera Model Name. If Camera Model Name is changed to X100V, PureRaw will open and process it fine, but it no longer works in Lightroom. If Software is changed to X100V and Camera Model is left unchanged, Lightroom will open it fine, but PureRaw won’t work.

PureRaw downloaded the camera and lens info and used XD processing. I examined the output DNG file in Lightroom compared to original, and everything looks like it should, minus all of the noise. I’m surprised at the amount of noise in the RAF files at ISO 640. Way more than what I see in a similar Olympus file at higher ISO.

I’m thinking I’ll either get by with Topaz or Lightroom noise reduction, or if I have a few files, I could change EXIF, make the DNG, then change EXIF back.

Do you see the same amount of noise in the raf files processed through Lightroom as you see after Pure Raw? I stopped using DXO as I found certain settings introduced noise even at low iso levels unless I also applied noise reduction.

It would be nice if PureRAW issued a more specific message. In this case, it could read “PureRAW does not currently support the Fujifilm X100VI”. The necessary info should be available in the file’s metadata, but maybe DxO’s metadata reader is unable to check generic metadata. In that case, the message could read “PureRAW does not currently support this image”. Any additional reason given, specially the “corrupted” part, increases user discomfort.

Imagine an error message that includes a link to the relevant part of the user manual. Wouldn’t that be something!