Error loading image "Cannot load image data"

I work on images from an event and there is one specific image where PL does not process the preview image and shows the error “cannot load image data” when opened in the working tab. The image can be opened with two other raw converters (Affinity photo 2 and an old Capture one 12) without problem.

Camera: Leica M240
PC: Win 11 and PL 6.3.1 (also a Win 10 PC with PL 5 shows the same problem with this image).

I can provide the raw file if needed.

You are probably getting that error because, as far as I can see on this page,
the Leica M240 is not a supported camera.

The Leica M (Typ 240) is supported since I don’t know when. Have processes thousands of photos from the camera with DXO. It’s the first image that get’s this error and the image is definitely not corrupt because other software can process it without problem.

PL6.3.1 shows these (supported) lenses

If your pic is taken with one of them, you may like to share it …

I had the 18mm in the past so I can say that this profile works. Currently none of my lenses for this camera is on the list (which is no problem because the lenses are corrected enough). So far there was never a problem with having no lens profile.

Could you upload one file that does work along with the file that does not work to a file sharing service and post the link here?

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Ok. Uploaded two files. Added the information “error” and “ok” in the filenames.

Where have you uploaded them to? with my username in the field “forum username”

No, we can’t download from as it only goes to DxO central. You need to upload to a service like Dropbox, Wetransfer, p-Cloud, etc. and then grab the link and post it here for us to download.

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This is a user forum - as Mark has said, we don’t have access to DxO’s servers

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Thanks for your effort guys but I’m not going to post a link to images in a public forum. Thought this bug reports are seen by DXO employees.

You’ll need to log a formal DxO support ticket, Tom.