Error in Request site -> Vote button

Actually the Vote system is not working in the Request site.


Thanks for the feedback Endre,
I reproduce the issue when you click the limit button. I will check to update this plugin.

But the plugin is not really broken. You can still click a second time on limit button then select List my votes to remove a vote from another topic.

You are brave Grégoire, when I get an error message, it means for me: it is out of work. You are using some hidden feature here :grinning:


Hi Grégoire,

I tried to add a vote to someone else proposition and the following message appeared


Checking my Votes, this tread was not listed among, seems the second click makes something, but no function at all.


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If you click List your votes you will see the list of topics you already voted. You’re limited to 4 votes (I think) so you should remove your vote from another topic.

Thanks Grégoire, as far as I remembered in the old v10 voting system I had 10 votes, that is why I supposed some votes left. Sorry for ignorance.


You’re welcome.

We plan to improve the voting system (more appealing, votes by category…)

Stay tuned…

Just let us know the rules of Votes:

  • Info about the max number of Votes
  • Is there any update system for Votes ( the subject has been solved and my vote became free again )
  • Info about Vote subjects’ ranking, let me see other people preferences
  • Status of subjects ( live, still under consideration, too complicate to solve, not considering as possible, out of interest, solved or applied ). This should be similar to your internal ticket system for each user complain. Such status should help to get feedback for request.