Error in Init

Suite du sujet DXO Photolab 6.0.1 error code Internal Error (Error in Init) :

I have the same problem. I Have a file of 90 pictures taken with my EOS R and with a Canon EF70-200 IS II USM lens and some taken with the sam; I got a surprise e lens and plus 2xIII doubling lens. At the beginning I processed without any problem, but the problem started at th 10th picture. “Une erreur inconnue est survenue dans le moteur de correction (Error in prepare)”. I got a surprise, on the involved picture and on the pictures with the same probleme, my lens is described as a sigma 70-200 F2.8DG OS. On the pictures without problem me lens is described as canon 70-200 IS II… All the picture have been taken in the same time frame, about one hour with the Canon lens.
I am working with DxO 6.5