Erreur de chargement, Cannot get BxU value for XY position DxO PL6

I have plenty of image which shows the error reported in the title of this thread.
Image were taken with Canon EOS 6D Mk2 and Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM equiped with Kenko Teleplus HD 1.4X

While your other gear is supported, the Kenko Teleplus is not. Maybe that creates the error message you got.

If you want us to try on our hardware, post a link to a share with a few RAW files taken with the combo mentioned in your post.

Sorry for the delay in responding. I wasn’t at home and did get notification of your reply. Here a link to two file. Both taken with the same combination of lense and multiplier. One file (Birds_240401_37) for which I do not have the error. The other file ( Birds_240401_49) give me the error.

(Dropbox - Photo - Simplify your life)

Both files are shown in the “PhotoLibrary”

Screen Shot 04-08-24 at 11.15 PM

but not in “Customize” … after I had installed this module,

suppose due to the different lens (combination).

Switched to another folder and restarted PL6 to then uninstall this lens profile.
Restarted PL6 again and both images appeared in “Customize”.

to add

I didn’t get an error message, just that with the lens profile applied the pics were not visible in “Customize”

I can load both in PL7.5/Win but I have no corrections applied by default.
Metadata for both shots shows ApertureValue=45.3 (exiftool). Is it possible?
Focal length for 37 is shown as 560mm and for 49 it is 399mm.

Maybe due to this insane F-number, Lens Sharpness Correction returns the error in OP, while Vignetting in auto mode returns another. Distortion auto works only with the 49 image. Diffraction (f/45 !), haze, and noise make the photo look bad.

Edit: My guess is that lens was set to f/32, so with 1.4x converter you get f/45. Probably DxO module is ready for aperture values down to f/32 only, hence the errors.

Edit2: There seems to be no direct sign in the metadata of converter being used. Maybe if focal length and aperture were within lens specs, the photo would be accepted by PhotoLab for optical corrections, but the results would be inferior.

I haven’t payed attention of the huge and abnormal f-number reported in the image EXIF (should be 10x smaller !! ). This would explain why DxO report an error, the lense being out of known range by DxO. I do check to other picture I took with the lense, without the Kenko Teleplus HD 1.4X. The f-number is then correctly reported.

And I forgot to mention in my previous thread that I am using PL6.15.1 build 69

I think I understood the issue. As the Kenko Teleplus HD 1.4X + lense combination is unknown from DxO and as the EXIF data report aberant f-number, DxO isn’t able to compute optical correction. I didn’t understood that the issue was related to optical correction.

Now, if I disable the following correction, the error message disapears (but, I got other different error message each time I sequentially disable them):

  • Vignetage (auto, withe DxO)
  • Masque de netteté
  • Distorsion (basée sur le module DxO)
    sorry, I have french interface and do not know how all those correction are named in the english interface.
    All those options are set by default in my DxO pipeline and automatically applyed when new image are loaded. I will have to manually disable them to process image taken with the Kenko Teleplus.

What I do not really understand is why I have the error for some of the image and not the other …

Checked the metadata (w/ ExifTool) now for both pics

  • the reported F-number for both is 45

  • while the reported focus range differs

  • and also the reported focal length

[ note – the reported exposure times are (quite) slow to get sharp pics ]

Then I tried again in PL7

  • applied the lens profile for your 100-400mm
    (DxO’s support page does not list any TC profile for your lens)
    and both pics disappeared from “Customize” like before

  • applied the preset “6 - No correction” and both pics re-appeared in “Customize”,
    to then ‘allow’

  • with the applied preset “6 - No correction” (= both pics visible)
    I checked what relates to the lens profile for your 100-400mm
    both pics disappeared from “Customize” as soon as I enabled
    but only the pic _37 disappeared from “Customize” as soon as I enabled
    while for the pic _49 some Distortion correction jumped in

Obviously your Kenko TC is passing (some) metadata values ​​to your camera, but check
the F number.

[ Since analog days, I have been using TCs for convenience. – Even a Kenko 2x NAS Macro Teleplus MC7 still works on my Nikon D750 + Tokina Macro 100 F2.8D. While it only has manual focus and can take advantage of Nikon’s A-mode, no metadata is transferred … so no interference with wrong lens profile. Instead, my camera is setup to input/report the correct focal length and F-number, should I use this lens combination for ‘distant’ close-ups.

Using Nikon’s AF-S TC 1.4E in sufficient light, I turn it down a notch, but no further. ]

To put it short: the lens/converter combination is not supported, only Canon converters are supported for this lens. Same story with Lightroom and others.
Secondly, don’t shoot with insane f-numbers.

Distortion correction does not need the f-number, so it probably checks only the focal length. That’s why the distortion auto mode works with the second photo.
Lens sharpness and vignetting corrections require f-number and focal length to be within lens specs. But even if both values are within the range and PL will work, it will produce incorrect result, because it doesn’t know that converter was used, and the converter introduced its own optical features. Probably Lightroom would behave similarly.

Well, it seems the metadata is correct.
MeasuredEV : 14.38
ISO : 800
FNumber : 45.0
ExposureTime : 1/160
ExposureCompensation : -1
FocalLength : 560.0 mm

MeasuredEV : 12.38
ISO : 800
FNumber : 45.0
ExposureTime : 1/40
ExposureCompensation : -1
FocalLength : 399.0 mm

Given the measured EV, which seems to be correct, ISO, ExposureTime and ExposureCompensation above, the FNumber should be somewhere around 45 indeed. No wonder both photos seem to be moved. With this f-number on 35mm camera you will always get soft images anyway because of diffraction. Personally, because of diffraction I rarely use smaller aperture (larger f-number) than f/11 on FF, except for some macro.

The recorded F-number in both cases:
45/1.4 = 32.1 = max non-mechanical F-number setting for this zoom

The recorded FocalLength:
560mm/1.4 = 400mm - zoom set at max tele for ‘37’
399mm/1.4 = 285mm - zoom set near the middle of 100-400 range for ‘49’

Some other data, common to both photos:
LensModel : EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM
LensSerialNumber : 0000000000
InternalSerialNumber : KK0073716
LensInfo : 100-400mm f/0 (!)
I suspect that InternalSerialNumber = KK0073716 was inserted by Kenko converter, which also nullified InternalSerialNumber and made LensInfo plus some other info incorrect. Maybe you’ll find some further info about Kenko strange EXIF manipulations in dpreview Canon SLR Lens forum.

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