Erratic zoom level when first viewing an image in PL6

I’ve noticed that with PL6.1.1 that, when in Customise mode, if I select an image in the film strip the image displayed doesn’t always start with Zoom set to “Fit on screen”. Mostly it opens “Fit to screen” (which is what I expect and am used to) but occasionally the image displays zoomed further out (occupying only part of the display area), or zoomed further in (with only part of the image visible). I think I noticed this once or twice in PL6.0 as well, but I was only using this version briefly before I updated to 6.1.1. I certainly never noticed in it PL5 or any earlier release.

I thought I’d ask if anyone else had come across this before I submit a bug report to DxO.

It may be relevant that my setup is a dual monitor one. The primary display contains only the maximised, main PL app window displaying the image being worked on, and all palettes and the film strip are located on the secondary monitor.

That sounds like a possibility, while I only have the palettes on the extended screen, but not the filmstrip.

I notice such inconsistency only when I’m switching between a landscape-oriented image and a portrait-oriented image.

That is the same for me. Portrait oriented images have always been a problem in this respect.


I’ve noted such an effect on my iMac too. Zoom going to e.g. 150% before dropping to 88%.

Native screen width is 5k, but standard resolution is half of it, so these effects could be linked to these screen resolution differences.