Eraser in masking very slow on windows 11

when in Photolab 7 on windows 11, after applying a luminosity mask, the eraser is extremely slow and not useable

the PC and graphics board is plenty powerful and all settings are default - it is a new PC and new install

Hi Phllp and welcome to the DxO software user’s forum. I’m running Photolab 7 on Windows 11 and I’m not seeing this phenomenon. Are you using a folder with lots (100s) of photos in it? If so then it will stay slow as PL 7 is working on indexing your large folder. It will speed up when PL 7 completes the indexing process.

If you wish to speed it up now then make a new folder with <= 20 photos in it. The indexing process will complete quickly and make all your editing faster.

thanks for the reply
In my workflow i start filmpack 7 out of LR initiated by a TIFF export to a workfolder with about 10 files in it.
as a test I have created a folder with 2 images and started filmpack 7 from the start menu. same issue:
creating the mask is no issue
select eraser
first erase strike is no issue
second, third and subsequent strikes get slower to un-useable

this is on windows 11 machine with plenty horsepower
same process on macbook pro is no issue

Checked from within PL7 as well FP7 standalone (as PlugIn from old LR), but no delay.


In FP7 standalone, did you notice those → Brush settings in the lower left corner?

Unfortunately they are difficult to see (bad GUI).

Yes I got tye brush settings alright.

Shall I send a video?

Well yes, maybe it helps to figure out …

Maybe also send a link to the specific RAW file and it’s DOP file that you’re having trouble with. Then we can test it ourselves.