Equalizer Placement

is there an possibilty to move the equalizer bar anywhere on the workplace?. Sometimes the controlpoints are overlayed ( see example) an it’s difficult to grasp the controlpoint. I know with ‘E’ it’s possible to hide equalizer, but sometimes it would be more comfortable to move it.

I checked Moving the Local Adjustments Equalizer but the second solution Ability to drag the Equalizer out of the way was closed Jan 2019. Maybe i missed something or don’t understand all :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks a lot for any suggestions.

Take care of yourselves

Hello Guenterm,

place the first controlpoint in an area which does not bother you.
then place a second controlpoint on the area you want to work on.
Both controlpoints will be linked and the equalizer will appear at the first controlpoint.
Do all the changes and afterwards just delete the first controlpoint.


Hello Sigi,

nice and practical idea…thanks.
Haven’t seen the wood for the trees :laughing:

suggestion from Sigi works well with Controlpoints, but not with “Verlaufsfilter”.
Every new point with “Verlaufsfilter” has own equalizer bar.
But for the moment it’s ok.

Oui, mais pour pouvoir l’actionner, il faut bien qu’il soit affiché :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: La méthode exposée supra par Sigi est quand-même assez laborieuse, pour ne pas dire baroque…

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The drawback to placing control point out of the way and another where needed is it will correct for the 1st location, OK if a large area but often it isn’t so not always usable.

Another reason why it would be great to have the equalizer movable (shift click and drag or the like) or on the palette to the side. I have so many control points that I can’t see the equalizer clearly.

Are you sure you’re using the right mask ?
Try the auto-mask in one stroke !

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Great suggestion, thanks Pascal, I had thought that auto mask would not give me fine enough edge control but it worked a treat!:grinning:

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