Enhanced resolution

I already have posted a request for DxO to consider making a competitor to the Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw SuperResolution functionality. See the URL below:

Until (if?) such functionality arrives, I am planning to test Topaz Labs Gigapixel application. Note that Topaz recommends (as I posted in the above):

In our AI products, the framework should be DeNoise AI → Sharpen AI → Gigapixel AI.
The reason Sharpen AI needs to come after DeNoise AI is to reduce the risk of sharpening any noise and creating artifacts.

End excerpt.

Thus, after applying DeepPRIME (similar to DeNoise AI → Sharpen AI but, in my observation, more effective than the Topaz solution), a specific image that needs additional “resolution” from what PL4 output format should one start – best resolution JPEG, DNG, TIFF? Recommendations are welcome.
(Resolution is in quotations, as these are interpolated pixels that are not in the original raw or processed image and thus not suitable for data analysis of the original subject, but – these added pixels are not the Wolfe “artistic license” of simply adding subjects that were not present in the original, say, wildlife observation and thus mislead as to actual “herd patterns” – Art Wolfe - Wikipedia .)