End of DXO?

I’ve been using DXO since the beginning and always was satisfied with the results.
Suddenly, I pay a 60€ update for Nik Collection, so happy to discover a great evolution…
What do I see ? A few more presets that people hardly use, and… a “magic” button which opens… Nik Collection !?
À 60€ evolution !
I’m waiting for the next REAL update to see if I can go on with you after 15 years of loyalty…


Yet another new thread started to complain about Nik 2’s value for the money? Cleanup in aisle Nik, please. To be fair, Nik 2 is more of a repackage/reimagining of the Nik Collection than a feature update. It adds considerable value for new customers over Nik 1.x, which is only a compatibility update of what can still be obtained for free. You’re understandably disappointed, but it sounds like you bought it on impulse before first determining if the product would meet your requirements.

Did you not want PhotoLab 2 Essential Edition with it? What do you want in the next product release? I think that information would be helpful to DxO and to customers. Best wishes.

I’m still happy with photolab, but one very important thing to me is missing: the ability to draw straight lines with the brush
(as can be done in lightroom or photoshop when using the caps key from point to point). About Nik Collection, I know we have to pay for improvements and developmen, so that it gets better and better, but that’s a lot within one year, especially for the Google 's free version users…
Syncerly yours :wink: