Enabling moving images from one project to another (in addition to copy)

I am using projects in my usual workflow. When browsing some set of images, I usually select them in a generic ToDo project. Then I go to my Todo Project to sort the selected images to other specific projects. However I can copy from one project to another, but I have to remove them manually from the ToDo project.

Could it be possible to modify the behavior so that drag&drop from one project to another would be a copy and using Ctrl+drag&drop would be a move from one project to another ?

(Or adjusting the combination to be consistant with other modification key within PL).


An image can belong to more than one project.
It would be nice to have the choice of either drag & drop to move to another project or ctrl + drag & drop to copy to another project or conversely.

Yes, that’s exactly my proposition, ( through the formulation may be improved ).