Enable Profile Corrections in Lightroom after processing

I’m a new user of PureRAW and a bit confused by this setting in Lightroom. After I process the untouched RAW file from Lightroom (via Export->Process with DxO PureRAW 3) the file I get back has quite a heavy vignette. I can still check Enable Profile Corrections, which detects the correct lens, removes the vignette, and also does lens correction. What’s happening here? I thought DxO PureRAW 3 should take care of all that already?
Side question - after processing, sharpening should be completely off in Lightroom, right?

Huh, not much help around here.

try to ask a proper question : for example name camera model and lens model and share your PoorRaw settings (screenshot) …

as for the sharpening - it depends on what do you want and what do you have, if you are satisfied with DxO demosaick/lens softness correction ( for example ) may be you do not need any type of sharpening in LR but may be you do - it is your call