Enable an "Open With" as well as the current "Edit With" Functionality

Currently when you go from one NIK plugin to another extra files are created. I can avoid this in Capture 1 Pro by using the “Edit With” command which creates a new RGB file which is passed to NIK. This is the current behaviour with DPL/NIK. However, C1Pro also has the “Open With” option. This simply opens the RGB file for editing in NIK without creating a new RGB file. Having only one RGB file (optionally) going through the NIK plugins avoids the creation of multiple RGB files and provide a streamlined workflow…

That’s a good point, Ian.

When we used the Export to Application interface to transfer to a Nik Collection tool, we could select the option to Export selected file(s) without processing;
… BUT, this option is missing from new Nik Collection button interface.

John M