Enable adding hierarchical keywords in the keyword list tool

In the keywords tool, I can add a hierarchy to selected file(s) by typing something like A > B > C, which will also be added to the keyword list as can be seen in the keyword list tool.

In the keyword list tool, adding A > B > C does not work and will produce an error message.


  • Enable adding hierarchies in the keyword list tool so that it will accept A > B > C like the keywords tool.

It’s works with A|B|C

@Franky , have you tried with the greater than and less than separators?
Maybe it’s another difference of DPL for Mac and Win.

I’m sorry, I wrote a little quickly … actually it doesn’t work in the keyword list.
A>B>C works well in the keyword tools but in the keywords list that created the keyword “A>B>C”

…so you could add your vote?

I added my vote even if I do not use this function in this way.
I consider that it as a way of standardizing this function, whatever the way of creating keywords, the result must be the same.