Eerror message when using local adjustments

After updating to version 5 I get an error message from time to time when I try to use local adjustments. It’s only visible for a fraction of a second, and not readable. After several attempts with print screen I finally got it: Internal error (Correction failed on the Execute stage) together with a symbol of destroied photo. I do not know whether it is a bug in DXO or something with my computer (Windows 10, 19042 with Intel i9-9900K)
Any ideas about how to handle this?

I had the same error 2 or 3 times while playing with local adjustments


Thank you for the feedback. Yes, it’s a known issue we are trying to fix. And you can try to switch the mask off to avoid it for now.

Svetlana G.

Svetlana, thank you for responding. Looking forward to the fix.