Edition Mode - I don't understand : tools are missing?

In edition mode, I can’t correct a gradual adjustement because the tools don’t appear (but there is one action in the local correction menu) ! Why ?

In edition mode, from an empty correction preset (unchecked corrections), if I want to create a local correction, it don’t appear in the local correction menu. Photolab say I have no local control but on my photograph, I have create one. It’s impossible to create new presets. Why ?

I have tried to restart Photolab, same issue.

If that is your problem – to edit and save (your own) presets you need the Elite version.

I have an Elite version…

Good morning!

Local adjustments are not available for the Preset Editor mode and you can’t create a preset with them.

Svetlana G.

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I have made a hundred of Presets with local adjustements : 32 this week-end using the button to create Preset from the actual corrections. I think the problem is because I was beginning from an Empty Preset with all unchecked corrections. Could you test this ?

Why are you making so many presets like this? There really is normally no need to do this.

Yes, you can create preset from current settings but you can’t create preset with LC within the Preset Editor mode.

Svetlana G.

Thanks for your confirmation. The only way to create a LC Preset is to create a preset from current settings and editing this preset by unchecking corrections I don’t need. This spend a lot of time… In an update of Photolab, a button to unckeck all the corrections could be helpfull to only keeping one corrections (as LC).

There is an included Photolab preset called No corrections which will uncheck all corrections.


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Complete Preset are for style of a photographer.

Local Preset is an corrections you can use for a part of the photo documentary you do.
In my workflow, I use local corrections in function of the reporting (ex : snow on the front, blue sky or clouds, clouds in backlight, etc…). When you have a lot of local Presets of the conditions you usualy meet in photo documentary, you can edit your photographs in the photo library. You obtain a preview of what you would have done in edition mode without spending a lot of time…

Maybe I don’t work like everyone. In wedding photographs, we meet differents types of tissues : some are quite neutral and other are very blue (above all in a day with blue sky). So, to filter that with local control, I correct blue dress by one local preset in view to be import in each photographs with too blue dress. Working like that make me sure to have a constant chromie for the dress.

I know we have the option of copying local corrections but this mean I must remember in which wedding the tissue have the same reflects than the current photographs I am about to filter.

That’s why edition of local control is missing for me in Photolab to obtain the same speed I was spending for scripting in Lightroom. Photolab is way better for the quality of local control, it’s frustrating to work slower for making local presets.


For new user of PL5 : is it possible to create Local Control Preset from the “non correction” preset ?

(see above, this don’t work in PL4)

just an idea – can’t you edit a ‘masterfile’ with Local Adjustments and copy them …

Thanks for your idea !

Yes, but I will have a masterfile for each theme in a folder and coming back to the new galery to paste. Not easy but this will work…

If we can copy and paste a LC from a photographs, creating a preset with a LC is the same : the first one is in RAM and the second on hard drive.