Editing Raw vs Tiff


I am a new user of the FP Elite version which supports editing directly from RAW (as well as TIFF) and am enjoying it very much. I mainly use the existing film presets as they are for now or as per the suggestions in the film description.

What I noticed is that when applying a film preset to raw and to tiff the results are different. Application to tiff seams to have a more distinct effect compared to when applying the film preset to the raw file of the same picture.

My question is since the results are different for tiff vs raw which is the more correct way to apply the preset (as intended by DXO developers perhaps), is it better to apply to raw or to the tiff file to obtain the more correct look. Now I understand I may chose the way which most appeals to me but i would like to know what do yo think is the original intended way, maybe on which file does the software perform best.

Many thanks


Your question cannot be answered if we don’t know where your TIFF files are coming from.

Anyway, if these TIFF files are the result of the processing of a RAW file in DPL, then it’s normal that you observe differences because the TIFF image is the result of your settings in DPL (including applied presets) + the export settings. And if you process the TIFF file in DPL again, it will be submitted to some default operations.

So you should apply all the presets you want to use before exporting/processing. The TIFF files should only be submitted to the handling that cannot be done in DPL (retouching in PS for example).