Editing photos in projects with Nik or other plugin/external editor

Apologies if there is already a discussion on the forum, but I just cannot think of search terms to find them.

I have placed photos from several folders into a project, and I now want to edit them. My issue comes when I want to export the photos to Nik or other plugins, because even if the original raw file is in the project, the Tiffs that are created are not automatically placed in the project, and I need to go back to the folders to locate them and add them to the project. Have I missed something and is there a simple solution?

Perhaps I could add a keyword to all photos in the project, and then search for all images with that keyword, but even if this worked, it seems an odd way to solve the problem.

Hi Roger,
as far as I know the export file doesn’t ‘land’ in the project.
Unwanted virtual copies - #57 by Wolfgang

Like that, projects only have limited value.