Editing Grain setting in a Silver EFEX preset. Latest version

Can you edit the grain setting in a preset. I can change the other settings but the GRAIN setting cannot be switched off nor can it be changed ie less intensity etc. Thanks

Hi Louis and welcome,

You can turn the grain off by simply unchecking the check box in front of the Grain palette. You can adjust the Intensity and Size sliders change the grain intensity and size.

( deleted – wasn’t about SEP )

I understand the above. My point is when i switch these off or change intensity nothing happens. see screenshot

Try a different “Film Type”


What SEP preset are you using, please?

As @rrblint already highlighted,

check the Film Type (= with the corresponding grain)
→ the farther the “Grain per pixel” slider is (set) to the right, the less grain is visible


if Film Grain (= independent from the Film Type) is activated.
→ the farther the “Intensity” slider is (set) to the right, the more grain is visible

(can be confusing :slight_smile: )


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Thanks for helping.

Am I confused? Do the presets not add grain?

In FILM GRAIN what does ORIGINAL mean? Is it just that the Presets do not dictate a specific FILM?

I do not understand why under FILM TYPES you choose a film and the under FILM GRAIN you also choose a film type. Surely if you pick a film then that is it you get the grain structure that film would have had?

Thank you again for taking the time to help me.

This lets you set an image that looks e.g. like Kodachrome with grain of, say, Fuji Acros 400. You might want to switch off the grain in FILM TYPES to enable FILM GRAIN settings. Having both active could be the reason for your issues. Note: I’ve not installed Nik as of now, you’ll have to try/test it yourself :wink:

Right, with choosing a Film Type you also apply its ‘original’ grain
( which you still can edit → e.g. moving the slider towards the right → 500 = minimum / no grain )

With Film Grain you apply the grain from a ‘different’ film – a different look as @platypus explained.

This way you can apply a certain colour sensitivity you want your pic to have
and/or choose the ‘original’ / a ‘different’ grain ( still able to edit all parameters )

→ unfold the tabs and hover over the Film Types to get an idea …

Thank you for all the help. That makes sense. More options than I expected, too many :joy:

Hi Louis,
take your time to explore. :slight_smile:

The presets you see in SEP (and other NikCollection tools) are not ‘god given’, but a starter – if you will.
And that is a big advantage over something readymade, where you only can adjust the effects opacity.
Often, pics are different and need an individual approach.

To apply the same settings to a serie for an unified look, check out how to save your own recipes and name them accordingly to also remember later.

Don’t hesitate to check for videos like this – and many more by Dan Hughes

– and / or many more by Photo Joseph

While the user interface (the handling) has changed a bit, the way how to is about the same.

Enjoy experimenting and have fun.

Thank you, I will do that.

The problem is trying the options out and understanding what they do so that I can grasp which images suit which options

Until now I have created the looks myself.

What the options do is give me a way to try out different approaches to an image.

Most options are too extreme for me and I head back to PS to make simpler adjustments

I know it’s just lack of knowledge at the moment and I am being a bit lazy.

Thank again for taking the time to help and I will look at those videos asap.