Editing access

OK … here’s one for you:

I think it would be splendid for users to have the ability to be able to EDIT any of the “textures” or “overlays” that are contained in Film Pack 6, once applied to an image from PL5. And beyond that … I think it would be awesome to have that feature available from here forward, in each succeeding update of both programs.

Here is why:

After spending so much time with an image in PL5 making adjustments and creating masks and all the other things any of us do with any of the images we so diligently work over … and after which we the open said image in FP … we then discover an overlay or some texture that applies the absolute “finishing touch” that brings out the precise “feel” that we didn’t even know we were looking for, and then apply it to our image, and Voila!

Well … not quite, right? To our horror (frustration actually, “horror” is just so much more dramatic) … there are parts of that texture or overlay that are covering a particular portion of the image we have so painstakingly worked to get to the point where we love it … but find that the overlay or texture is covering that exact spot and the “opacity” slider just does not offer enough control to make it work. And if the opacity is reduced enough to allow that part of the image shine through … there is no longer enough of the texture left visible to make it worth using in the first place.

I’ve run into this situation for the 3rd time and I am disincentivized from pursuing that style any longer due to the inherent limitations of being incapable of erasing or masking or otherwise altering that overlay so that it may fit into the overall finished “look” for which it would otherwise lend itself to the perfect finish.

And since DXO is so dedicated to making software that can allow the end-user to completely discover and release their creativity, I believe that this added editing function would certainly add to that evolving effort.

Well … there’s my 2 cents. What say you?


Hi, did you try clicking on the Randomize function or Position function (whichever is available) in the adjustment palette for the particular overlay in PhotoLab? (e.g., Texture has a Randomize function as well as an Intensity slider and some other features.)

Thanks for the idea … however, that does not change the issue. There are areas of the image that I simply DO NOT want anything other than the image itself. No matter how rearranged or repositioned, the overlay stays in places that I do not want it. The SINGLE fix for that is to be able to edit the overlay/texture file to suit my desired outcome.

Thanks for the suggestion, but as the saying goes … “been there, etc., etc.”


You say that the only solution you want to consider here is the ability to edit the overlay image file. That might already be possible:

Would you need more than just being able to bring up these image files in a pixel editor and add new ones into this folder?

What if you could instead (or also) have the ability to mask parts of the overlay out in PhotoLab without touching its source file? Might that be a lot more efficient, since that would allow you to make quick adjustments for each of your images individually?

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Hi Greg,
suppose, that is what the OP was asking for – and no, it’s not possible (yet) in PL.
We don’t have layers & masks, while those already exist in Local Adjustments.

To me, “1-step-applications” like Film simulations and Colour Filters can be meaningful in combination with opacity, but applying overlays like Light leaks or Textures w/o masking capability is like ‘pouring a secret sauce’ over the pic with little to no control.