Editing a picture took with Nikon Z6+Nikon Zoom Fisheye 8-15mm FX AF-S f/3.5-4.5E ED

I took the picture at 8mm, it is a round image, but the last version of PL5 Windows is editing it in a strange format, I shows only one part of the picture and deformed.
How can I have the real image?
Thank you

Can you upload the raw image so we can see if we can recreate your problem?


you should probably deactivate the Lens geometry correction…

Hello @juanmg and welcome to the forum,

Could you, please, upload your image via upload.dxo.com

and let me know when ready?

And to avoid it for now you can try to disable Distortion.

Svetlana G.

Thank you for all your answers. The suggestion to disable the lens geometry correction solved the problem by now.