Easily moving between images

Couldn’t find anything from quick search in the forums and this may be very obvious but haven’t found how to do easily.

Running PL 3.3 on Windows. Can’t figure out how to easily advance to the next image along the Image Browser / Film Strip. Is there any kind of keyboard shortcut that will advance to the next image AFTER applying a preset or other adjustment. The arrow keys don’t seem to work for this purpose unless you re-click down in the image browser which defeats the purpose.

In PL1 there were navigation arrows just above the Image Browser that came in handy. We could float a custom palette or two with our most commonly used presets/adjustments to be located right beside these navigation arrows and then we could at least limit the amount of mouse scrolling to quickly go to the next image.

Any ideas for quickly advancing to the next image (after making adjustments) without having to moving mouse to the thumbnail of the next image in the Image Browser and explicitly clicking on it?


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Hello @RealSimple,

with the windows version it works with TAB+arrow key (left or right).
But i think it’s faster to use the mouse to click the next frame.

Have fun within the forum


Thanks for the tip on Tab-Arrow Guenterm. Now if only I could program my mouse to have the side buttons accept that non-traditional keystroke combination!